Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Food for thought: Do you use the cover cos its cute or just for practical reasons??

One of the rare days when my colleagues question why i have decided to dress my S3 is a cutesy lovely rubbery rilakkuma  cover..

Colleague 1: Isn't the cover very big? You can't fit it in a pocket..
Me: Samsung S3 is supposed to be big wor... the cover doesn't make it that much bigger really... and hmm i haven't got a pocket.. :)

Colleague 1: Aren't you worried the ears will break off?
Me: huh? why will it break??
Colleague 1: Oh.. its rubber! I thought it was plastic!

Colleague 2: Seriously, do girls use such covers for any practical reasons? Are you worried that you will drop your phone and need to pad it? Or is it just cute?
Me: Isn't it cute?? :) But yes also practical reasons, it definitely is shock absorbing.. plus! I have a better grip at the ears.. hmm... :P
Colleague 2: Really....

Anyways..  here:
Samsung S3 Rilakkuma Cover

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Doraemon Themed Wedding

Have you been to a Doraemon Themed wedding?

Cheryl just got married last Sunday.
Eugene & Cheryl

We decided to customize everything for her wedding. 

This is what we did. 

1) Wedding Car Dolls

If you followed us on Facebook, you should remember that we were looking high and low for the Pink Doraemon doll. Yup! We manage to find it...Thank God! :)

2) Ring Bearer/Pillow

This was how it looked like at Solemnization.  

3) Wedding Favours

Doraemon Luggage Tags

Doraemon Nail Clipper

We are so glad that our guests enjoyed the wedding. They simply loved everything. Some even asked for extra wedding favours to bring home because they were simply too cute to resist. 

We hope that there will be more weddings for us to customize!
We have also put up a section for weddings:

If you have any help in customizing your wedding to fit into your wedding theme, do feel free to email us at 


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pretty & Bling Anti-Dust Ear Caps

We have updated our website with many Pretty and Bling Bling Anti-Dust Ear Caps.
Made of Crystals. Really pretty!
The best thing is it will NOT oxidise!

We managed to get a good price from our supplier that's why we are able to sell it at a good price compared to many stores. Cheap doesn't mean lousy quality. ;)

Some of the Flower Anti-Dust Ear Caps are actually handmade by us. <3
Do give us some comments ya?

All Anti-Dust Ear Caps have limited qty! 
Do show us some support ya? You can take a look at it here:

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Carine Vintage Sling Bag

Remember we did a poll on our Facebook ?

The most wanted item was Bags.
So here it is!

Carine Vintage Sling Bag

It comes in Pink, Mint, Orange, Brown and Caramel.

Look at how spacious it is!

Zoe Raymond got a Mint one from us too~
Picture Credits: 

I brought it out too for excursion at Harry Potter exhibition!
Mine is the Pink one :) Love it~!

If you are looking for a casual sling bag then you can bring out on casual days, this is the perfect bag!

Get it here:
Carine Vintage Sling Bag

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Summur's first clearance SALE!

Don't be shocked but we have slashed prices by up to 50%!! :D
You will not find prices like this anywhere else!

In order to clear out more space for new items, we decided to put up many of our items on what we would like to consider .... a....
Only from NOW till end of JUNE!~ 

So why are we doing this? Well, my partner is now on a business trip (which I couldn't tag along due to work commitments.... ) sourcing for new and interesting things! There's so much excitement at SUMMUR!
Can't wait till she's back! :)

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Delay of shipment

We are sorry that our Hello Kitty Earphone Clips are taking forever to arrive.
It's in Speedpost Sorting Centre since last friday, but somehow Speedpost is not sending it to us.
We called several times for delivery but to no avail.
We even volunteered to do our own pick up at their sorting centre but they do not allow :(
We are just as frustrated as you are.
Rest assure that we will follow up on this very closely and make sure Speedpost will do their job.

Once again, we are so so so sorry!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Our 1st customisation of wedding dolls done!

Remember we were looking for Pink doraemon? This is what we did!

Our 1st customisation of wedding dolls done!

They are for a wedding of a lovely couple who love doraemon~

Do give us some comments :)

Stay tuned for more updates, the wedding is in June!

If you are interested in doing customisation for your wedding dolls, do email us at